Land Owners needed for Metal Detecting Venues !

Are you a landowner with around 30 - 40 Acres of Land?  Land that we could hold a metal detecting event on? Do you own farm land?  If you do and you give us permission to metal detect on that land we could provide you with a secondary income.


How does it all work? 

If you are interested and need more information, to be able to make a decision about allowing metal detectorist's metal detect on your land, please get in touch with Nigel on 07873296685.  After a very informal chat you can see how The Metal Detectorist can host these events and take into consideration many of the important things that landowners need to consider before giving that permission.


Here are a few of the important things we consider

  • We do not allow any member on any land who has not submitted, fully confirmed and had their personal information checked.  We ask for their name, address, postcode, metal detecting insurance number, telephone number and we ask, for their links to their social media accounts so we have a visual reference each and every member. Once we have that information they are invited on different events that we hold throughout the UK so we can get to know each of them,  to date we have a growing number of professional people coming on our events, we do not accept anyone that could risk losing any of the land you could give us to use.
  • Those new members come on a supervised dig, with the organizers and other members of The Metal Detectorist and they demonstrate how they complete an artefact recovery from the ground using a metal detector,  pin pointer and small spade to locate and remove a find, and how they replace the ground after they have removed that artefact.  If that member needs any help or advice during this process we demonstrate and help that person complete that task until they leave as little disturbance as possible.  That task is done on pasture so we can see how neat they can replace their clod of earth, or on arable or ploughed land, so every member knows how to remove finds on many different soil ground types.  We allow children on our digs with parents as the hobby is spreading throughout the UK as a great past time.
  • Those members are not allowed to drink or use drugs on any event we hold.  they are expected to accept strict rules and regulations whilst on any dig The Metal Detectorist holds.  If you need to see those rules, please review the terms and conditions, all metal detctorists have to accept them as part of their sign up process and be familiar with them before they can dig without supervision.
  • Every member is made aware of the treasure act and how important it is, that they follow the governments strict rules about what to do in the event of finding something of considerable value.  During the past couple of years we have had a number of significant finds where landowners have all recieved there 50 percent share of finds over £300.00.  If any reports are made to a finds liason officer no geographic details are released without your express permission. Metal detectorist's who make these discoveries will be introduced to you by Nigel Jones where you can both arrange how you present it to a finds liaison officer and what information is released during that process.
  • Metal detectorist's also have to agree not to contact you or approach any farm or resident or commercial building whilst on any event. They have to be polite and courteous to anyone they encounter before during or after an event.
  • Every Metal detectorist digs on the basis that they do so at their own risk.


What benefits are available to a land owner for holding an event 

  • Land owners benefit financially from every event we hold.  Normally the fees can run into four figures if we hold an event on both days of a weekend, where our maximum amount of detectorist's attend on both days, 49 each day. Having an informal chat will reveal amount and payment type that is made to you.  That payment is made on each of the days we hold an event, before the event finishes.
  • If you receive stewardship grants and we find a significant find, those grants are increased, dependent on the type of find we recover and the size of the land we are using. more details are available on a pre dig meeting.
  • We help you remove all forms of metal objects from the land.  if you are a cattle farmer we remove most of the sharp metals from the ground that could cause an injury to livestock.  We do not leave holes that could hurt any animal.
  • We remove all of the finds that are waste and scrap completely from site and we hold an upper tier waste carriers license to do it.


If you are interested in hearing more about holding a metal detecting event please get in touch.  If you have land or a farm irrespective or type we can arrange to hold an event within a short timescale or on a planned event basis including working around crops and weather timescales.  If we have an event booked in we can always move an event to suit any of the existing work you have to do.

If you would like to see our open forum we hold one on Facebook called The Metal Detectorist.  That forum can be found by CLICKING HERE


We have a growing list of land owners who have agreed to provide references about The Metal Detectorist.  They can confirm all of the above is one natural process we have completed and paid out, on may occasions 

Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help out with land for a metal detecting event.

Many Thanks